Lights! Camera! You!

Come share your stories!  As part of the 60th Anniversary celebration, the JUUbilee Committee is putting together a video celebrating where we come from and where we are going, but we can’t do it without you!  If you want to take part in an extended interview on video, contact Meredyth Fleisher at  Another option:  just stop by the Ocean Room between services on the second and fourth Sundays of the month to answer our question of the week! More interested in words than moving images? You can leave your thoughts about our history and future in the comment section, below.

A preview: Founding member Don Martin speaks via video to the March 16 Forum.
A preview: Founding member Don Martin speaks via video to the March 16 Forum.

You can watch founders Don Martin and Ethel Foster in an excerpt from their JUUbilee interview here:  Lee Cornell, Meredyth Fleicher and Garrett Cornell will release a DVD of everyone’s interviews in December 2014.

JUUbilee Question of the Week

March 23th: What’s your favorite part of coming to the Fellowship?

April 13th:  How have you been able to become part of the community here?

April 27th: What accomplishments of the Fellowship are you most proud of in terms of our internal congregational development (ex. our building, RE classes, care rings, etc)?

May 11th: What contributions to the greater community are you most proud of (Social Justice, Chalice Lighters, Share the Plate, etc)?

May 25th: How have your experiences at the Fellowship changed you?

June 8th: What are your favorite memories, stories, or traditions from the Fellowship?

June 22nd: As we celebrate our 60th year as a congregation, what are you excited about for our future?

July 13th: What made you decide to try UUFA?

July 27th: Why did you chose to become part of a Unitarian Universalist community?

August 10th: What do you think the most important thing we do as a congregation is?

August 24th: What do you plan to do to make the Fellowship even better?

September 14th: If you could have one wish granted for the Fellowship, what would it be?

September 28th: What do you think we’ll be doing in the next ten years?  The next 60?

You can visit the Diamond JUUbilee page here.