Sunday, October 22, 2017

Worship at 9 & 11 am 'Searching for Truth & Meaning'  The Unitarian Universalist 4th Principle urges us to find the truth that gives meaning to our lives. Also, Fourth Sunday Lunch!

Nursery, Children & Youth Religious Exploration Nursery care at 9 & 11 am. Children & youth activities at 11 am only. 

Conversations That Matter at 12:20 pm on Sun., Oct. 29.

Cause of the Month at 10 am on Sun., Nov. 5.

Forum at 10 am on Sun., Nov. 12.

1 week ago
Indigenous People’s Day

Who lived on the land where you are now before the white people arrived?

Sadly, the Columbus Day holiday is pretty much the utmost in white supremacy, celebrating a man who perpetrated devastation upon the denizens of the land he “discovered.” Indigenous People’s Day

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