Sunday, October 1, 2017

Worship at 9 & 11 am  Faith and Freedom - By 1557, Transylvania’s Queen allowed her subjects religious freedom, thus separating faith from sovereignty. Is the wall of separation crumbling in the U.S. today?

Nursery, Children & Youth Religious Exploration  Nursery care at 9 & 11 am. Children & youth activities at 11 am only. 

Cause of the Month Discussion at 10 am with Heather Kleiner on Partner Church Relations.

Forum  On Oct. 8 at 10 am with Dr. Patrick Retterbush on sun protection and skin cancers.

2 days ago
Broken Open

When has the time been right for you to break something open?

Whether you’re looking for a chick or a hard-boiled egg, an eggshell’s ultimate purpose is to be broken open. Whether the breaking is destruction or liberation is all in the timing. When has th

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